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Introducing “Fun(d)s For My School”

Ideas to Raise Funds for your School!

Urban Eats + Neighborhood Schools = Come Alive & Thrive! Bright ideas that will send you to the head of the class, often at no cost to you and your school. Sign up at the bottom of this page, and let us know which ones you are interested in doing for your school!

  • ___ Fundraising Day or Party
    Choose a day, or a few days, when teachers, family and friends can dine in the café to benefit your school. Urban Eats will donate 10% of the proceeds to your school. Are you one of our Giveback Partners already? Remind your parents and staff with a Fundraising Party or Days.

  • ___ Treat the Teachers!
    We don’t want to forget you who have a passion to share knowledge and who work so hard to shape our future leaders. Administrators: register all your teachers with us to receive a quarterly special “thank you” coupons.

  •  ___ Reward Excellence
    Want to recognize your student’s excellent attendance or a notable improvement in report card grades? Reward their hard work with an Urban Eats Gift Card. We will contribute 5% of the proceeds to your school.

  • ___ Staging Center
    Need to raise some money for the athletic department? Or buy new instruments for the music department? Maybe the library needs a boost? Plan your event in our space!

  • ___ Meeting Place
    We WANT to be used by our neighbors! Use Urban Eats Café, conference room and Arts Collective space for offsite meetings, staff mixers, PTA meetings or staff celebrations– Purchase food and beverage and we’ll contribute 5% of the proceeds, and give you the space FREE!

  • ___ Take a trip
    Looking for a nearby field trip? Teach kids on healthy eating? We’ll take you behind the scenes to tour our Kitchen, to watch our staff making roasted garlic, black olive tapenade or eggplant caponata. The kids will each leave with a mystery gift!

Your Next Step - it’s this easy!

  1. Order a couple of events that you think would be helpful for your school, or your classroom.
  2. Send your choice to us so we can put them together for you.
  3. Once we have put your events in place, they will function year round. It’s that easy.

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We are all ears for new ideas to build a better future for our schools & community - just chat with us or leave a message by clicking on "Questions" to the right. We will call you to discuss the details after we receive some basic baseline information.

Alternatively, you may call us at: 314.558.7580 Ext 4.